Maverick Technology Partners

Case Studies: Network Engineer

 1. What was the project challenge that we addressed for our customer?  

Our client is a leading international provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications. Their need was a Cisco ACI implementation.  Our client did not have an experienced ACI Network Engineer on staff. The Maverick consultant was brought on board to lead and work solely on the ACI migration.  The addition of our consultant allowed their team of network engineers to manage current workloads for their managed network customers while the ACI environment was being built out for future networks. 

 2. What was the solution our consultant(s) provided for our customer? 

The Maverick consultant provided Cisco ACI expertise which our customer did not have on the current team. Our consultant built a network Lab environment which allowed for lab testing. In this lab environment we created a similar legacy environment and migrated them to an ACI environment where issues would be exposed (if any) post migration. This allowed us to troubleshoot the issues while the actual migration was performed. 

The Maverick consultant expedited ticketing work, managed assigned projects, performed switch over upgradations, installed the new high capacity devices and upgraded switch devices, firewalls and load balancers. He also performed monthly audits of our customer’s clients’ firewalls. 

 3. What was the business purpose behind the project?

Our customer knew that migrating to Cisco ACI network would make responding to troubleshooting tasks a lot easier for network engineers. The engineers will now be able to complete all the necessary changes through Cisco ACI GUI for any particular spine and leaf devices. Previously, multiple devices had to be surveyed. The end result of this migration has allowed our customer to fulfill their clients’ network performance issues quicker while decreasing downtime on the network.