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Case Studies NetSuite

NetSuite Business Data Analyst  

1. What is the current project challenge that you are addressing for our customer?

Our customer is a world leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests that address both the over treatment and optimal treatment of early-stage cancer. They needed someone to provide business analysis for a NetSuite Integration. In addition, they needed this person to build and test integration points for ReQlogic, SharePoint, TFS and ServiceNow error reduction process, to find the root cause of integration errors, etc.

2. What is the solution that you are providing for the customer?

Our consultant created user requirements and workflows for NetSuite while working closely with Finance end users to ensure the NetSuite application met the needs of the business. Additionally, our consultant worked with internal and external teams, both domestic and international, to ensure that integration errors where resolved in a timely manner.

3. How did this project help our customer achieve ROI and improve business efficiencies to grow their business?

All this work was in an effort to the help the business improve the revenue recognition and month end close which helped our customer to maximize their investment in NetSuite to ensure that the company could continue to handle the explosive growth of their product line.