Maverick Technology Partners

Case Study ETL

Microsoft Business Intelligence Developer

1. What is the current project challenge that you are addressing for our customer?

Our customer, a large pharmaceutical company needed a Business Intelligence developer to produce data sets and data visualizations to help stakeholders identify business trends and the impact of strategic decisions. The first task was working with the Marketing Manager and Director to identify causes and effects of various email and social media marketing strategies to identify where marketing spends did not result in a significant improvement of candidate click-throughs or further marketing material sign-ups.

The second endeavor was to create an organizational health dashboard and distilling out key performance metrics from a historically used spreadsheet. Senior leadership originally felt that nearly a hundred metrics on this spreadsheet provided a clear message on the overall health and performance of the business. Based on design requirements our consultant produced a multifaceted Tableau “dashboard” to consolidate these key metrics.

2. What is the solution that you are providing for the customer?

Using the Denodo Data Virtualization platform our consultant built data sets that could be consumed through several analysis and reporting tools. The newly constructed data sets were then leveraged by SQL Server Analysis Services and Tableau Reporting. Several SSAS Cubes were built to establish a self-service reporting platform where anyone in the business could leverage their Excel experience and begin to perform their own analyses of metrics to make decisions for the business.

3. How did this project help our customer achieve ROI and improve business efficiencies to grow their business?

These Tableau reports and dashboards were created for upper level management and senior leadership to gain insight into overall organizational performance.