Maverick Technology Partners

Case Studies: Business Intelligence

1. What was the project challenge that we addressed for our customer?

Our consultant served as a Business Intel Developer for our client; a global web-based travel company.

Within this role we addressed queries of Finance, Marketing and Supply team. We provided required data via Dashboards. These dashboards may be checked and validated regularly. Our customer can now develop new insights from the data which is updated automatically (requires no manual work) and make quality decisions. Most of their data analysis and reports were in Excel. We automated to tableau dashboard with multiple new graphs offering new insights.

2. What was the solution our consultant(s) provided for the customer?

The Maverick Tech Partners Consultant built an interactive dashboard to see hidden data and trends. Our consultant also extricated data from oracle data warehouse, Teradata and AWS to put together in tableau dashboard.

We constantly adjusted the build to new requirements. It is now very easy as it’s fully automated with multiple filters and options to go deep into the data analysis. As of now we have built 5-6 workbooks which consists of 17-19 views (dashboards) each, for all of their products covering all aspects of seeing the data like YoY, variance, Margin, Waterfall and other analysis graphs. In addition to this, we provided daily support on SQL, Hive, Teradata and Tableau and Excel.

3. How did this project help our customer achieve ROI and improve business efficiencies to grow their business?

This project helped save time due to complex data. The data is now accessible with multiple options, no manual work, and new graphs with variety of new ways to see the data for decision making. We have automated several dashboards which increased speed for both Marketing and Supply teams. We are helping validate data and/or queries related to the trend which helps determines the causes for fall or growth in trends.