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Welcome to Maverick Technology Partners.

Maverick Technology Partners is a new class of staffing company – in a sea of IT talent, you want an organization that can deliver the perfect candidates.  Similar to the combination of perfect conditions needed to create a Maverick Wave, Maverick Technology Partners creates the circumstances for organizations to identify the top IT talent with focused expertise. Maverick ensures that it is easy for both employers and candidates to work with us to perform at their peak and obtain the best outcomes.

IT departments also need a combination of ideal conditions to execute their business plans flawlessly. This starts with hiring the BEST talent ~ like the Maverick wave only the best can conquer those challenges.

Working with a strong recruiting partner like Maverick Technology Partners helps organizations hire the best talent in the marketplace. The IT candidates that we work with possess experience using leading edge technologies, which helps our customers implement and execute their project plans. They are seasoned professionals who are prepared to contribute to your organization from day one.

We provide candidates with experience in the following areas:

Review our case studies for exposure to the type of consultants we place, and the benefit his/her presence has to the client.